Education Strategy

Education Strategy:

The Bird Park aims to offer educational opportunities on biodiversity, wildlife, conservation, the birds within the Parks collection and other rural topics.

The aim is to educate local people, people with an interest in wildlife and conservation and the Parks general visitors, including families with children, adults, small groups, children’s parties, senior citizens, school groups and people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Identification Boards: The Park will continue to increase the number of information boards throughout the Park identifying each species of animal. It will also increase the range of information on these boards regarding the species  name, habitat, range, care, conservation and any interesting facts.

Leaflets: A leaflet is available guiding customers around the Park, informing them what to lookout for in the different areas and providing some facts regarding some of the key species.

Guided walking talks:  Informative walks are available around the park, where a member of staff will guide a group of customers, explaining and educating continuously.  These will be a form of roving lecture!

Schools:  Local school groups are encouraged to visit the park where they can view all the animals and read the information available.  They will be able to take advantage of the option of a guided walk.  The Visitor Centre will be available for the schools to use for educational purposes, either in the form of lectures, or in the case of the younger groups, additional resources will be available for a more interactive lesson.

Elderly, Disabled and people with learning difficulties.  Local groups are encouraged to visit the Park where guided informative walks and talks can be provided.

Staff: Staff are trained to answer visitor’s general questions regarding the animals and their care.

Exhibition: The new building houses occasional exhibitions on countryside related topics. Previous exhibitions have included Cotswold Wildlife Trust, RSPB, the Waterfowl Association, the world Pheasant Association and Art-Burst.

Education Web Page: An education section is available on the Bird Parks website.

These elements combined together under the Education Umbrella create a strong and invaluable educational ethos for the Bird Park that will undoubtedly have consequential benefits on the environment.