History of Follies

In 1981The Wendy House was found originally at Ronson's Reclamation Yard outside Gloucester by Melanie Meigh who rather fell in love with this rather sad little house and persuaded her Father Philip Meigh that if she managed to get it for a good price would he buy it. After some consideration a price was put forward by Mr Meigh and Melanie went off to negotiate over this rather special purchase. However, initially it was not to be and after several weeks of hectic negotiating a deal was struck, which much to the delight of Mr Meigh included delivery and a "new pair of trousers!"

We will not include here where the new trousers came into the deal but Mr Ronson had no idea that delivery meant coming over several muddy fields at a treacherous angle with the house balanced precariously on the trailer of a massive lorry which was not for off road use.

Mr Ronson true to his word went back to his yard returning with a digger to enable him to complete the delivery task ensuring from that time on the Philip Meigh and Ron would become firm friends.

The Wendy House underwent considerable restoration work, including a new roof, little hand backed bricks had to be made for the walls and especially small roof tiles were sourced for the roof. Internally it was re - plastered and painted inside and electricity was installed in 2008 to complete all the mod cons! Philip Meigh can be seen with his saw happily making a repair and the roofer can be seen making good the roof.

The Wendy House has proven to be a massive success with children and it has become the focal point of the park.

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