Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Toffee and Treacle are back at the Park for the summer!

Toffee and Treacle have now returned from their winter vacation in Costa Del Tetbury, where they spent the winter with their close horsey friends Abel and Bluebird!  They are back for the summer and really enjoy the company of all the other animals in the Park

Miniature Mediterranean Donkey’s are a separate breed of donkey, originating from the Islands of Sardinia and Sicily.  Because of there extremely small size they could fit into relatively small spaces and so they were employed to turn grinding stones for grain inside the peasants houses.

Some 18th Century pictures show miniature donkeys, just like the ones in the Park, blindfolded, attached to the grain mill and walking in endless circles.  The luckier ones were used to carry supplies from the villages up into the mountains for the shepherds.

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys were first exported to American in the 1920’s and since then an increasing number have been imported into Britain and they are now bred here by enthusiasts.

Prinknash Bird Parks very own Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, Toffee and Treacle appear to be very happy in their surrounding and are currently at the Park for the spring and summer.

For animal health reasons the donkeys are removed from the Park each October for winter housing, they normally return in Spring.

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